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Every day, we visit thousands of farms all over the world. De Heus specialists are 'hands on' and enjoy working closely with farmers, providing key insights into the relationship between feed and how the animals are kept, advising about nutritional strategies that meet the animals’ physiological needs and supporting farm management. Focusing on one goal: keeping animals healthy and enabling optimal production. That is what we call Powering Progress!

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De Heus is a fully fledged supplier of nutritional products, producing compound feed, premixes, concentrates and feed specialities for livestock and aquaculture customers worldwide.


Small- and large-scale farmers across livestock and aquaculture


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Discover how you obtain the most productive and healthy animals with De Heus premixes. Find out how thousands of farmers and feed mills benefit from our expertise.

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Discover our selection of stories about progress and sustainability from De Heus business units all over the world. We hope that these stories will inspire you.

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Discover how we provide our expertise in animal feed for farmers all over the world. Get inspired by their success stories.