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Animal nutrition solutions for a changing world

A rapidly growing world population and rising living standards are putting increasing pressure on food value chains. For a sustainable food system, production must be optimised and made more accessible and responsible. As a leading supplier of animal nutrition solutions, De Heus helps farmers improve their performance, and deliver high-quality produce efficiently and responsibly.

As well as high-quality feed, our specialists help drive efficiency and technological progress for our customers – by offering in-depth knowledge on animal nutrition and health, as well as animal husbandry and farming. We also work with farmers to improve their environmental footprint.

Responsible feeding

With our sustainability programme, we aim to have a positive impact along the food production supply chain. A selection or our initiatives is showcased in Feed Magazine.

Feed types

The types of feed we offer

Every farm is different, with its own challenges and objectives, but a key driversof success is always keeping animals healthy and adjusting

to local environmental conditions. With our portfolio, we offer a range of nutritional products specifically designed for each life stage, and tailored to your specific farm situation.

Our nutritional solutions include:

“Day after day, we’re working to improve access to safe, healthy food for our growing global population. We do this by giving our customers the products and services they need to look after their animals and develop their business sustainably.”

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Quality always prevails

This has been our guiding principle at De Heus for over a hundred years. And we apply it consistently across our research, operational strategy and products. It’s the reason why our production locations always meet the most up-to-date quality standards.

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Supporting a diverse customer base

De Heus is a fully fledged supplier of nutritional products, producing compound feed, premixes, concentrates and feed specialities for livestock and aquaculture customers worldwide.


Small- and large-scale farmers across livestock and aquaculture


Integrations that produce their own feed


Dealers serving local farmers

Collaboration on the farm: that’s the De Heus difference

Our unique on the farm approach gives us valuable knowledge and insights to support thousands of farmers all over the world.

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Research and development

We work closely with our supply chain to understand our evolving markets and develop innovative solutions to meet our customers’ needs. The solutions we offer draw together insights from genetics companies, scientific research institutes and testing farms – giving you access to the latest ideas and knowhow.


Benefit from our full range of on the farm services

Our extensive on the farm services bring together up-to-the-minute knowledge and insights from around the globe, to drive positive results for farmers. Our specialists are closely involved in the development and application of innovative technologies and take pride in sharing their learnings with their networks.