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More than Animal Nutrition

An extensive range of services

We are a fully-fledged nutritional supplier and provide our customers with nutritional concepts that ensure maximum animal health and optimal performance. Additionally, we provide them with the services and advice they need to advance their businesses.

Our specialists are supported by experts on a broad range of subjects. From veterinarians who are specialised in a single species to experts on airflow and the internal climate of stables and from experts on the composition of liquid feeds from by-products for pigs to specialists trained in the optimisation of milking robots for dairy cows.

Developing a professional stable

The process of planning a new stable, renovating an existing stable, improving sustainability and acquiring the right permits can be challenging. Which is why the advisers of our subsidiary at Agra-Matic are specialised in every step of this process. Agra-Matic works from the Netherlands and Poland.

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Collaboration on the farm, that is the De Heus difference

Every day, our on-the-farm approach gives us valuable knowledge and insights to support thousands of farms all over the world.

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Farmers around the world share their success

Discover how we support farmers all over the world with our expertise in animal feed. Be inspired by their success stories.