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It’s about more than just feed

Our focus is on enhancing animal health and improving results for our customers – the producers of meat, fish, milk and eggs. We do this by determining animals' specific nutritional needs, and defining a feeding strategy that leads to superior farm-level outcomes.

Collaboration on the farm: that’s the De Heus difference

Our unique on the farm approach gives us valuable knowledge and insights to support thousands of farmers all over the world.

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Feed types

The types of feed we offer

Every farm is different, with its own challenges and objectives, but a key driversof success is always keeping animals healthy and adjusting

to local environmental conditions. With our portfolio, we offer a range of nutritional products specifically designed for each life stage, and tailored to your specific farm situation.

Our nutritional solutions include:

Supporting farmers worldwide

Around the world, farms are drawing on our specialists’ deep understanding of nutrition and raw materials. With our well-developed logistics networks, we’re able to support farmers and feed specialists quickly and efficiently, wherever they are.

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Farmers worldwide share their success stories

Farmers all over the world are benefitting from our expertise in animal feed. Hear about their path to success.