Sustainable Growth, Technology, and Genetic Improvement: The Successful Journey of the Tonetto Family

07 Nov 2023

The history of the Tonetto family is marked by tradition in beef cattle farming and is intertwined with a long-standing commitment to the genetic improvement of the Guzerá breed – a story that began in 1967 when brothers Ângelo and Aldo Tonetto, founders of Guzerá IT, acquired their lands in Pirajuí, São Paulo. This marked the beginning of fifty-five years of dedication to breed selection, now in the hands of the second and third generations of the family.

Filippi and Tarcisius Tonetto

A passion passed down through generations

The farm has become not only a home but also a place of tradition and work dedicated to livestock for the generations that followed, shaping a legacy that began even before the family's arrival in Brazil and continues to prosper to this day. 

The veterinarians, Filippi and Henrique Tonetto, from the third generation of the Tonetto family, are responsible for the overall management of the farm, along with their father, Vinicius Galvão Tonetto, and their uncle, Tarcisius Tonetto, from the second generation, who work actively in the management of the Guzerá IT Genetic Center, ensuring quality in the production of breeding animals, females, and beef cattle of the Guzerá, Guzonel, and Nelore breeds. 

This journey is also characterized by a deep respect for the teachings left by the first generation of the family and an unwavering quest for excellence – the result of hard work. "My father, Aldo Tonetto, and my uncle Ângelo Frederico Tonetto passed on this genetic legacy to us. We love what we do, and we enjoy working. One thing that I believe has made a significant difference in our work is the passion we have for what we do. When you love what you do, everything becomes easier," says Tarcisius. 

Commitment to excellence: the path to succession

The family's commitment to continuous improvement has led to the transformation of their farm into a bull performance center – a tribute to the first generation. "Our motto is always to improve. Today, this has become a bull performance center called Aldo Tonetto, in honor of our father. The more we measured, the more we believed we should measure. Through technology, we believe we can produce more sustainably, including more profitable meat, leveraging what Brazil has that is different from the rest of the world," emphasizes Tarcisius. 

The Tonetto family is known for their commitment to Guzerá – a breed that has been the foundation of their work for fifty-five years. They believe that technology plays a vital role in producing high-quality meat sustainably. 

De Heus and Perfeita União: a partnership of mutual success

The partnership with De Heus, established in 2012, has brought innovations that have transformed the operation and daily life of the Perfeita União farm. "De Heus came with a proposal for a mineral supplement that could be placed in various areas of the pasture, a solid material. A highly relevant feature of MUB (Low Moisture Blend) is the reduction in management and labor. The calves are in excellent condition. The cows also respond very well; we have had no fertility problems," says Filippi. 

The collaboration with De Heus is a story of mutual success, where both sides thrive. This collaboration has helped the family boost their production, with benefits extending beyond nutrition. 

A legacy of success

The Tonetto family looks to the future with great anticipation and determination. "The expectations are high; we will see if we can maintain this path and pass on everything, we have learned to the fourth generation," concludes Filippi. 

It is a legacy they intend to continue to have a positive impact on the beef cattle industry in Brazil and beyond, through the sustainable production of high-quality meat, which is already a reference for those familiar with their work. 


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