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Šárka Grešová - Customer Service Representative

18 April 2023
2 minutes

Šárka first studied at the Business Academy, which prepared her for general office work and taught her the basics of accounting and an understanding of economics. Then she studied General Linguistics at the Faculty of Arts at Masaryk University in Brno. Šárka: “The study of natural languages as a tool of communication will always be my hobby.”

Dreams about being a Veterinarian

“I spent my childhood in a village, in a big garden surrounded by lots of domestic animals, which I naturally helped with from a young age. So, like many little girls, I wanted to become a veterinarian or the director of a zoo. Later on at school, however, I wasn’t very good at science, so my immodest dream soon disappeared. But my love for all living things remained and I’ve tried to develop that in my children too. We enjoy going on hikes or just wandering through nature and admiring its beauty.”

Life before De Heus

Šárka worked in publishing for many years as a developmental editor of educational materials. “It was a very enjoyable and interesting job, but after more than ten years it was time for a change. And I'm delighted that the opportunity to work at De Heus came along in 2022.”

A day in the life of

“At De Heus, I work in customer service as an order clerk. From early in the morning, like my colleagues, I receive and process telephone and e-mail orders. But my job doesn't end when I receive an order! Working with my colleagues in logistics, I need to arrange the transport of the feed to the farm at the right time and, most importantly, organise the production of the required feed mixture with my colleagues in production. Often, I also call the farmers back to discuss the details of the feed delivery.”

“My job doesn't end when I receive an order”

Šárka Grešová

Customer Service Representative

Great customer service versus early mornings

“We have a great customer service team. And I can't complain about my colleagues in the other departments either. They always go out of their way to help. I also like the emphasis on a pleasant and friendly working environment at De Heus. Throughout the year, there are lots of social events and get-togethers - whether it's a Christmas party, spring barbecues or summer bike rides and sports days. In short, there's always something going on.

The only negative thing about my job is having to get up early. It’s important to adapt our working hours to those of our farmers wherever possible. However, I live very near De Heus, so I’ve learned to manage the early mornings quite well.”

The ideal working day of Šárka

“The farmers would get the feed they ordered well in advance. No one would make unexpected changes to orders, such as delivering feed ideally right away but no later than the evening. We always try to accommodate farmers, but sometimes it can be quite challenging.”

Challenging part of the job

“As an introvert, I initially faced great challenges in communicating with customers. It was only here, for example, that I lost my fear of talking to strangers on the phone - now talking on the phone is my living. Sometimes we call our farmers several times a day.”