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Robert Kanyembo - Plant Manager at De Heus Uganda

17 June 2024
3 minutes

Robert Kanyembo brings extensive expertise to his role as Plant Manager at De Heus Uganda, leveraging a BSc in Aquaculture and Fisheries, complemented by a Masters in Project Planning Management. With nearly a decade in the animal feed manufacturing sector, Robert commenced his career at Zambeef Products PLC in Zambia, initially focusing on production and sales at Novatek Animal Feeds. His transition to Research and Development saw him pioneering advancements in fish feed quality and performance. Throughout his career, Robert has advised smallholder farmers across multiple countries on aquaculture best practices and nutritional solutions.

Transition from sales to operations

Transitioning from sales to operations was a pivotal move for Robert, driven by a desire to broaden his scope within the industry. His tenure as National Sales Manager underscored his affinity for plant operations, compelling him to pursue a leadership role within manufacturing.

Opportunity in Uganda

De Heus Uganda presented Robert with an unparalleled opportunity to spearhead a cutting-edge aquaculture facility, aligning perfectly with his past engagements in research and development. His deep-rooted connections in East Africa further fuel his commitment to regional growth.

Impressions of De Heus

Robert holds De Heus in high esteem for its global reputation and meticulous market strategies, acknowledging its pivotal role in shaping agricultural landscapes. His current focus lies in foundational training, ensuring a comprehensive grasp of plant operations and fostering cohesive team dynamics.

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Nicole Rouffaer

Group HR Business Partner

Priorities as Plant Manager

As Plant Manager, Robert is dedicated to establishing local production of premium fish feed, emphasizing sustainability through localized raw material sourcing and operational efficiency. His aspirations extend beyond professional achievements to embracing the serene surroundings of Jinja, Uganda, where his family eagerly anticipates life by Lake Victoria.

Living in Uganda

Living in Uganda, Robert is excited about settling in Jinja, where the plant is located. Jinja is known for its peaceful natural surroundings, close to Lake Victoria and other scenic attractions. It's an ideal place for Robert's family—a wife and two daughters—to enjoy a calm and pleasant lifestyle. Robert is enthusiastic about this new chapter and looks forward to making a positive impact as Plant Manager in Uganda.