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Marcino Pereira Júnior - Technical Services Manager - Swine

24 April 2023
2 minutes

Marcino Pereira believes that aligning his responsibilities with the desire to see the entire De Heus team grow, and seeking to understand the aspirations of each member of his team is the way in which he can contribute to the development of all. "For me, the growth of each individual is the growth of the whole team. It’s very satisfying to be able to look back and see how much I was able to grow with De Heus," he says.

Marcino is responsible for the key accounts in the Swine segment in the national territory, looking to identify the needs of each of De Heus' customers so that they can receive an optimal service. Another focus is the tropicalization of tools in development around the world, the mission being to adapt them to national and regional markets, so that Brazilian swine can access the future. "By providing the knowledge and training necessary for the newly arrived professionals in the Swine team, offering excellent technical support to improve their skills and introducing them to the pillars and culture of the company, we ensure that the market receives a highly professional service, differentiating us in the sector by the quality and efficiency with which we develop our work."

Marcino has a degree in veterinary medicine from the State University of Londrina (UEL). In 2012, while still a student and an intern at the university, he was introduced to De Heus. At the time, De Heus was beginning its partnership with the institute for the development of research focused on swine nutrition. This would eventually result in the construction of an Experimental Center for Swine Nutrition Research in 2017. Marcino helped conduct experiments for De Heus at the university and actively participated in research activities since the start of this partnership between De Heus and UEL.

Continuous learning

In 2014, Pereira had the opportunity to do an internship with De Heus, performing field research and customer visits, as well as contributing to the development of technical marketing materials. In 2015, he was hired while doing his master's degree.

Early on his career at De Heus, Marcino was directly involved in the formation of the team of Pesquisa. "It was three years dedicated to Research & Development, and the feasibility of applying the Romelko concept in commercial farms, where we demonstrated the differences found through research in a practical way. The team also constantly monitored the production of the Romelko premium line at the dedicated Toledo plant in Paraná," Pereira says.

Marcino also took over the Minas Gerais region acting as Formulator, whilst also assisting the development of the Western region of Paraná in the areas of nutrition and sanitation. "I grew up a lot with the support of the local team during this phase. A bit later, in 2019, I worked as a nutritionist in regions like Goiás, The Federal District, Bahia and other states. I was also given the opportunity to work in the field of Export, where I developed skills in creating products and services, also maturing with the new learning shared with the team colleagues in relation to technical-nutritional and sanitary negotiations."

In 2020, Pereira was invited by his manager to support the field team in issues like nutritional, sanitary and scientific assistance, as well as managing people and data. "I am very grateful to De Heus and my manager, Gabriel Salum, for investing in my professional development. Working directly with technical assistance in the field and in the management of technical services gives me great satisfaction. I feel that I’m continuously learning in this sector and with this team whose professionalism grows by the day," says Marcino.

Career and evolution

"There have been several great moments, but I believe that two of them are very aligned with my boyhood dream to study the art of medicating and looking after animals. The first big moment of my career was being invited to join the team of nutritionists, where I could learn from amazing people and share a lot of knowledge. Experience taught me that it is the team, the entity and not the individual that generates the true relevance we have in the market. The De Heus team of nutritionists and formulators is and always will be the most influential team in swine nutrition in Brazil. The second biggest moment in my career was undoubtedly when I became Technical Services Manager. The skills required such as providing guidance, collaboration and supporting people's dreams greatly enriched my professional and personal life. Which is why I can say that today, I am experiencing the greatest moment of my career," says Pereira.

Teamwork and recognition

Marcino believes that together the group is stronger and achieves better results. "Being in a team that seeks to bring the best to the field, ensuring the growth of national swine farming and that seeks to understand the longings of swine customers in the most respectful and careful way fills me with pride and makes the day-to-day work even more rewarding. Moreover, the friendship of a cohesive team and the transparency with which the company manages any issues certainly make me want to continue being part of this great family that is De Heus. Thank you for these eight years of dedication and recognition," Marcino concludes.