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Elżbieta "Ela" Lorek – Warehouse Manager

09 April 2024
2 minutes

In 2016, Ela started on her journey with De Heus Poland, drawn by the promise of a career that resonated with her expertise in production planning and warehousing. Though the early days posed formidable challenges, Ela's tenacity and adaptability paved the way for growth and fulfilment. Nowadays she leads a team of 12 people. Reflecting on her journey, Ela remarks, "Every challenge I faced was an opportunity for growth. It was through overcoming obstacles that I truly discovered my capabilities and passion for this industry. One thing is important to me. I never forget that I was once in the same position as my employees."

Empowering through leadership

Although Ela’s job could be perceived as more 'masculine', for Ela success knows no gender boundaries.  As a warehouse manager, she leads by example, fostering an environment where every voice is heard and valued. “In my opinion, it is not the gender that determines the job, but the individual. You have to answer the question of whether you can do it, whether you feel comfortable in a particular job. The important thing is to do what you like and to do it well. Women have opened up to different professions and shown that they can excel in them. Multitasking is a strong female quality. The boundaries between professions have long since blurred in both directions, and the world is moving forward as a result,” says Ela.

Nurturing talent, fostering growth

Beyond the metrics, Ela finds fulfilment in fostering a culture of collaboration and empowerment. De Heus's commitment to employee development fuels her passion, allowing her to impart knowledge and nurture talent within her team. As Ela passionately expresses, "Seeing my team thrive and grow brings me joy. Investing in their development not only benefits them individually but also contributes to the success of our department as a whole. The fact that De Heus invests in its employees, which is not so common, is very cool."

Proud accomplishments

From standardization projects to cultivating a culture of collaboration, Ela's proudest accomplishments comprehend more than just metrics. "Last year, I presented the weight standardization project, which has been a continuous movement ever since. I am thrilled with its progress and the fact that we've initiated it, despite feeling unprepared four years ago. Another significant but less formal project involved tackling goods expiration. Despite initial skepticism, we developed a tool that led to a 51% reduction in wasted goods last year. However, the project closest to my heart is the 'team' project. The team lacked cohesion, so I delved into discussions and communication efforts. Today, witnessing the team's mutual support fills me with immense pride and gratitude," shares Ela.

Life beyond the office

At home, Ela is definitely very task-oriented. “I sometimes describe myself as a 'mother and hen'. I plan everything and try to have an hour for myself every day. I love riding my bike. I ride all year round, whatever the weather. The more tired I get, the happier I am. My second passion is running. In general: I have a strong focus on sports. Maintaining a balance between work and life is crucial for overall well-being. Engaging in activities that bring me joy rejuvenates my spirit and allows me to approach challenges with renewed energy," shares Ela.

More than a workplace

At De Heus, Ela finds more than a workplace; it a place full of support and coworkers who became friends. "The supportive environment at De Heus fosters a sense of belonging and enables me to thrive both personally and professionally. It's more than just a job; it's a community where I feel appreciated. Job stability is very important. The working conditions are really good and I feel safe. Money is important, but it isn't everything. It's should not be the only thing you focus on when choosing a job. Focus on the atmosphere, on heaving a safe feeling. Personally I find it a very good atmosphere in the company, and I really enjoy working with my team. I also find the variety of tasks I get to do fascinating. At De Heus, my daily reality is anything but dull," concludes Ela.