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Đorđe German - QAQC manager at De Heus Serbia

05 July 2023
3 minutes

De Heus Serbia started complying with the requirements of the ISO 22000 standard and its implementation. Certification was successfully completed for both production locations, Šabac and Ćuprija. We discussed this project with Đorđe German, QA/QC manager at De Heus Serbia.

Standardisation can be defined as an instruction that best describes how to do something

“For our organisation, and therefore for me and my team, the implementation of the ISO 22000:2018 standard and the certification of our two production sites in Šabac and Ćuprija represented one of the main goals. As an integrated system, ISO 22000 requires the organisation to clearly define goals, then their measurability and monitoring of their implementation. And that not only applies to the quality of the feed, but to the entire organisation. Standardisation can be defined as an instruction that best describes how to do something.”

Challenges during implementation

"The implementation itself represented a challenge and required additional effort, but with the help of our team, and particularly the participation of colleague Bogdan Maksimović, we succeeded. Real challenges await us in further improving the system in our daily activities. That will be a real challenge both for me and the entire organisation which obviously operates in a dynamic environment."

De Heus Serbia's obligations and responsibilities as certificate owner

What obligation and responsibility does De Heus Serbia bear as the owner of this certificate in further work?

“As the owner of this certificate, De Heus Serbia undertakes to guarantee its application to its partners in all spheres of the business. The application refers to the management of production and other processes, the provision of a service (delivery of products, for example) or the procurement of materials - the standards cover a huge range of activities. On the other hand, we find that the implementation of standards merely confirms our desire to constantly move forward and improve our position.”