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David Strombom - Plant Manager at De Heus Kenya

17 June 2024
3 minutes

David Strombom, hailing from Sweden, possesses degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Business Administration. With a career spanning 25 years in manufacturing, his roles have included Production Manager and General Manager at Sandvik, as well as lean project manager. He later transitioned to Coca-Cola as a Senior Engineering Manager. In South Africa, he managed phosphate production for Yara, including applications in animal feeds.

New Opportunity in Kenya

Joining De Heus in Kenya was a compelling opportunity for David and his family. They were drawn by the prospect of contributing to a new business venture and embraced the chance to relocate to Kenya, eager to engage with the local culture.

Impact at De Heus

David plans to leverage his extensive experience to establish the De Heus plant in Kenya, focusing on assembling a skilled team and implementing effective training and scale-up processes. His knowledge of various systems and equipment will be invaluable in building a strong operational team. Additionally, his expertise will support plant managers throughout Africa. His primary objective is to help farmers enhance efficiency and lower feed costs by providing high-quality, reliable products.

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Nicole Rouffaer

Group HR Business Partner

Team Building and Training

Initially, the new plant in Kenya will employ around 25 people, with plans to expand as the business grows. David is seeking candidates with milling experience in Kenya and intends to arrange training through a milling school in Nairobi or at other De Heus facilities. Interest from applicants has been high, including those with relevant milling experience.

Life in Kenya

David finds life in Kenya enjoyable and dynamic. He enjoys meeting the local community, experiencing the rich culture, and navigating the unique driving conditions. Adjusting to a new environment has been a significant but enjoyable experience for him and his family.

David is enthusiastic about this new chapter and is committed to making a positive impact as Plant Manager in Kenya.