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Andrej Šoltys – Production Manager

29 April 2024
3 minutes

Growing up in Kendice, Slovak Republic, Andrej Šoltys always had ambitious dreams. He attended the T.H. Shevchenko Grammar School in Prešov, where he focused on Slavic languages. Continuing his education at the University of Prešov, he initially pursued studies in interpretation and translation. However, he did not went in that direction. Andrej: "I rather enjoyed being in the centre of the action and being part of the value creation in the team."

Childhood dreams and career shifts

"When I was a kid I always wanted to work on a space shuttle, I was fascinated to see the world from a different perspective. I imagined how amazing it could be to drive such a big shuttle with a group of trained people, but with a huge amount of technical support behind the scenes. My job at De Heus, is quite similar to that, as if we were driving a fully automated ‚space shuttle‘ with professional support from colleagues," says Andrej.

Transition to De Heus

Joining De Heus as a production foreman, Andrej had the privilege of being involved in the construction of the production plant from the very beginning. "This hands-on experience has been invaluable, providing me with a deep understanding of our production processes. As I transitioned to my current role as production manager, my daily routine revolves around ensuring the smooth operation of our facility. Each morning, I review production status, assess previous day's performance, and manage intake and export dispatches. I have learned to follow a motto that a wise man once told me: ‚To make the right decisions, you need to have the right information...‘ Keeping this in mind helps me keep our company running smoothly."

Passion and challenges

For Šoltys, working at De Heus is synonymous with inspiration and growth. "Each day presents unique opportunities for learning and innovation. Yet, like any role, challenges arise, demanding proactive solutions and adaptability." Looking ahead, Šoltys is committed to continuous improvement and excellence at De Heus. With a focus on mastering every aspect of production, he aspires to elevate the company's standards and performance.

Embracing challenges, powering progress

In Šoltys's journey, challenges are not obstacles but stepping stones towards success. "Guided by the experience I've gained, the right guidance and my colleagues, the tough days have become a lot easier to handle," concludes Šoltys.