Pioneering sustainable aquaculture for a growing world

At De Heus, we believe in more than just providing feed; we aim for a sustainable and efficient aquaculture. In a world witnessing rapid population growth and increasing demand for animal protein, we recognize the need for responsible and high productive forward-thinking practices. De Heus aims to be part of an aquaculture industry that is recognized for productive sustainable farming and positive global impact.

As the global population continues to rise, so does the demand for animal protein. We are committed to produce animal (fish proteins) proteins on land rather than relying on wildcatch, which reflects our dedication to sustainable practices. 

Sustainability at the heart of our operations 

Our comprehensive sustainability programme is designed to create a positive impact for farmers worldwide. Beyond being economically viable, we believe that aquaculture should be environmentally responsible. Fish, as a nutritious and affordable protein source, plays a key role in our vision for a sustainable production of healthy foods. With this in mind we always aim to produce the highest quality animal feed to support farmers that keeps fish healthy and highly productive.

Quality, safety, and sustainability in every feed 

We place strong emphasis on quality control for developing these advanced fish and shrimp feeds. We understand that controlling the quality and safety of feed is integral to the sustainable development of aquaculture and the economic growth of the sector. Our commitment goes beyond mere feed provision; it's about ensuring that every aspect of our process aligns including raw material selection, animal health, production and farm management. 

Expanding our scope to more aquaculture species

Research is key to De Heus innovations, advancing global animal health and feed efficiency. Our R&D experts collaborate globally, sharing insights from their projects.

Global presence, local impact 

With our aquaculture feed mills worldwide, our global presence spans Asia and Africa, making us market leaders in Vietnam and significant players in Indonesia and Africa. As we continue to expand, our focus on the success of farmers sets us apart. We provide high-quality aqua feeds and support, including improvements in farming practices, productivity optimization, and initiatives to stimulate biosecurity and animal health. This farmer-centric approach actively contributes to the success of farming communities, empowering them for a sustainable future. Our commitment goes beyond being customer-focused; our active, pragmatic "On the Farm" approach is a key factor in successfully shaping a sustainable aquaculture industry. 

Using genetics to improve yields for fish farmers in Indonesia

Innovations for a sustainable future 

Next to producing the best quality aqua nutrition we stand for positive technological developments in aquaculture. Our commitment to sustainable farming practices, waste reduction, and the use of probiotics to enhance digestibility show our continuous efforts and focus towards sustainable solutions.  Our innovations, such as the sustainable farming model for shrimp, utilizing recirculation aquaculture systems (RAS) and mangrove forests, underline our commitment to environmental conservation. 

Sustainable aquaculture

Empowering aquaculture farmers with premium nutrition

A taste of excellence: exporting Vietnamese red tilapia 

Our dedication for optimizing the productivity leads to highly digestible and nutritous feeds, fueled by our innovation driven mentality. With a focused eye on expanding export markets, for example for red tilapia in neighbouring countries, we contribute to the quality of the Vietnamese aquaculture products. 

Building a sustainable tomorrow together

We continue to build towards more optimization of productivity and sustainability in aquaculture as well as preserving the fish in our oceans as much as possible. By empowering farmers, prioritizing quality and safety, and innovating for a sustainable future, we are actively contributing to an aquaculture industry, which manages to play its part in fulfilling the increasing need for healthy and tasty animal proteins through successful farmers who are part of thriving communities all over the world. Join us on this journey as we nurture a future where a sustainable aquaculture is the standard, not a choice.