Management Traineeship

Are you ready to kickstart your professional career but don’t you know how? Are you having questions like: How does your future career look like? In which role can and do you want to excel? What are your qualities and how will you make a difference? Making these choices at the start of your career is essential, and not always easy. The management traineeship at De Heus is all about your personal development and we support you in developing skills and competences that are essential to become successful in your future job at De Heus. We offer you a two year trainee program in becoming the best version of yourself and a job guarantee after the two years.

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Ede, the Netherlands



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What do we offer?

  • A 24 month program in which your talents become visible and develop further;

  • Leading or participating in continuous international projects having interactions with multiple functional global departments and business units (countries);

  • Short term assignments abroad (living and working in another country);

  • Learning on the job from experienced professionals in multiple disciplines, developing hard and soft skills and receiving coaching from senior management and peers;

  • Participating in structured learning programs to develop professional and leadership skills;

  • Individual personal coaching;

  • A stimulating peer network.

What is in it for you?

At the end of these two years you will have a challenging job at De Heus that really matches your personal desires! But also:

  • You have developed insight into your talents and qualities.
  • You discovered what gives you energy.
  • You know how to lead a team.
  • You have learned how to initiate and implement changes.
  • You know how to involve others in a multicultural environment.
  • You know who you are and what you do best.
  • And last but not least, you will get a challenging job at De Heus after finishing your management traineeship that really matches your personal desires!

What we ask of you

  • Entry level work experience (up to 2 years) and/or an internship in relevant areas.
  • Master degree in Economics, Finance, International Business, Animal Nutrition or related areas.
  • Willingness and flexibility to travel and to re-locate internationally.
  • Fluency in English (B2 level as a minimum requirement).
  • Proven natural leadership ability.
  • Teamwork; ability to work in multi-cultural and multi-functional teams.
  • High integrity and ethical standards.
  • Self-starter; highly motivated and able to work independently. Willingness to take responsibility and initiative. Demonstrated experience in prioritizing work and meeting deadlines.
  • Fast learner and oriented to self-development: curiosity to learn and create new way of building and/or improving systems and processes.
  • Strong analytical skills and ability to proactively identify and resolve problems.
  • Flexibility; able to cope with fast changes within a growing company.
  • You easily make contact and get people involved in your enthusiasm! 

Do you have any questions ?

Read the FAQ first, here you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions. Still a pressing question? Then contact our HR Department. Preferably via email to See you soon!

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