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30 June 2024
3 minutes

De Heus aims to become a learning organization where growth is celebrated, knowledge sharing thrives, and learning agility is encouraged. De Heus does this by providing various learning opportunities for their employees and managers across the organisation. One of the flagship leadership programmes that De Heus has been organizing in the past two years is Management Excellence Programme (MEP).

The MEP 2024 Journey

This year, MEP, under the facilitation of our key partner Better Future, features 28 participants from 14 different nationalities across 12 distinct disciplines. Cohorts 2 and 3 consist of 2 learning immersive weeks abroad with group mentoring sessions, culminating in a case study presentation, then followed by various virtual learning interventions.


My time in the MEP immersive week has proven to be transformative, I am struck by the growth I've witnessed in myself and my peers. The programme is a mix of personal development, leadership tools, and hands-on problem-solving providing a unique learning experience.

Gustavo Breternitz Lino

MEP participant – Strategic Project Manager, De Heus Brazil

It was a different training experience. The fact of two companies working together to meet the objective was very enriching. A very intense and hard-working week, with lots of emotions and self-reflection.

Susana Arrojo

MEP participant – Human Resources Director of Iberia. , Spain

Key activities throughout the programme

During the programme there were several key activities, such as:

  • Site visit in Indonesia (Mar 2024) and Germany (Apr 2024)  
  • Group learning sessions
  • Final presentation of the business case    

We saw a lot of reflectiveness and willingness to look at themselves. There was a clear switch from externalizing and focusing on “difficult situations” outside of them, to focusing on internal barriers and limiting beliefs. Realizing that leadership always starts with you.

Daria Ofman

Facilitator from Better Future

This MEP programme is one of the finest programmes I attended so far, and I recognize it from its unique blend of objectives-based structure to take the best out of us. Moreover, the facilitators played a vital role in nurturing us to increase our potential.

Dev Karan Sachdeva

MEP participant – Finance & Accounts Manager , De Heus India

My MEP participation was truly a transformative experience. I engaged in practical business cases and gained invaluable insights from fellow participants and facilitators. Not only did I enhance my business acumen, but I also embarked on a journey of self-discovery, developing a deeper understanding and appreciation of my strengths and weaknesses.

Nora (Ngo Thi Oanh Vu)

– MEP participant – HR Business Partner, De Heus Vietnam

Leadership at De Heus

At De Heus, every employee shows leadership in her or his area of expertise. Employees at all levels and in all functions are expected to contribute to personal, professional and organisational growth.

Leading self, Leading others, Leading organization, Leading markets, are our four cornerstones of leadership that De Heus always helps all employees to continuously develop themselves and constantly strive for a high level of quality in their work, as well as the collaboration across De Heus Business Units.

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Nicole Rouffaer

Group HR Business Partner