De Heus to change its governance model

26 March 2024
5 minutes

Since 2007, Co and Koen de Heus have co-held the position of CEO of the family business, De Heus Animal Nutrition. The family business aims to continue to grow in a sustainable manner. To allow the company to do so, several changes will be made to the company’s governance model.

De Heus Animal Nutrition is to switch to a new governance model

As of 1 January 2025, De Heus Animal Nutrition will switch to a new governance model.
At present, De Heus has a so-called ‘two-tier board model’, in which it has a Board of Directors, consisting of the two co-CEOs and the CFO, and a Supervisory Board. 

As of 1 January, De Heus will switch to a so-called ‘one-tier board’ model. In this model, the company will have one single governing body (the Board of Directors), which will be comprised of both executive directors and non-executive directors (the supervisors). The Board of Directors will consist of 8 directors. In addition to Co and Koen de Heus, four of the five current supervisory board members will assume non-executive director duties. Gabor Fluit and Max van der Kwaak will serve on the Board of Directors in their capacities as executive directors.


Co and Koen de Heus will chair the new board in their new capacities as  Co-Chairmen

On behalf of the family, Co and Koen de Heus will serve as Co-Chairmen of the board. In this position, they will remain directly involved in the establishment of the strategy to be adopted and the strategic decision-making processes that take place in the family business. As the company’s Co-Chairmen, they will continue to represent the organisation to a large extent. In their capacities as non-executive directors, they will provide direct oversight of the implementation of decisions to be made by the board, and they will remain responsible for establishing the company’s general course of action.  

In his new capacity as CEO, Gabor Fluit will be ultimately responsible for the implementation and  execution of the strategy

The newly to be appointed CEO and executive director, Gabor Fluit, will be responsible for the implementation and execution of the strategic decisions made by the board. Gabor joined De Heus in 2008. He and his team built the company’s activities in Vietnam from scratch. He then strengthened our position in Asia by establishing strong market positions in Myanmar, Indonesia, Cambodia and India. In 2021, Gabor played a decisive part in the acquisition of MNS Feed, which has since been successfully integrated in De Heus Vietnam’s organisation.

Gabor will lead the Executive Committee, which will support him in the implementation of the strategy.

‘We are glad to have found the right person for the position of CEO in our organisation in Gabor,’ said Co de Heus on the subject of Gabor Fluit’s appointment to the CEO position. ‘We have collaborated with him for a long time. Gabor knows our organisation and company culture like the back of his hand. He did a fabulous job in Asia. We are convinced that, given his qualities, leadership style and ability to push boundaries and be successful, Gabor is the right person to guide De Heus to further growth and a highly promising future.’