Daniel can spend more time with his family thanks to healthy animals

26 November 2020
3 minutes

Daniel Koscianski is a pig farmer in Poland. In 2008 he took over the farm from his parents. He is specialized in pig fattening and keeps 2,000 fatteners. “I have always liked working in the countryside. I like what I do, Thus I continue doing it.”

Sharing knowledge for better results

De Heus has an attractive offer and very good advisors. My sales consultant visits me when it is necessary. Together we formulate feed recipes, but also analyze problems and good results. To me as a farmer the most important are stability, profitability and healthy animals. I greatly value training programs where you can get practical information. Thanks to healthy animals and a stable farm I can spend more time with my family”, says Daniel.

Daniel Koscianski - Pig farmer

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Continue developing the farm

My younger daughter is interested in the farm and tending to animals. I often take her to the field. I hope that like my father I will also have a successor. I hope one of my daughters will take over the farm and continue developing it,” closes Daniel.