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Shari Pieneman – Content Manager at De Heus Global

05 February 2023
5 minutes

Shari Pieneman (35), originally from Doetinchem, currently serves as a content manager in the Global Marketing & Sustainability department at De Heus. She contributes to conveying De Heus' stories, not only in the Netherlands but also globally.

Passion for communication

After completing her Marketing and Communication studies at HAN in Nijmegen, she further specialized in Digital Marketing. "As a communication enthusiast and storyteller, I've applied my enthusiasm in various roles such as project manager, marketing and communication coordinator, and communication advisor. After exploring Southeast Asia with a backpack and finding my peace, I eventually joined De Heus. Here, I can combine my passion for communication and interest in nutrition – even if it's for animals," says Shari.

What does a content manager do?

"A lot," Shari laughs. "I align with the company's objectives and determine our communication goals. What messages are involved, and how can we translate them into the right stories? Understanding the target audience is crucial. Stories can be told in various ways—through articles on our websites, social media channels, or videos. There are many content types distributed through different channels. It's about the right combination of text, visuals, and often sound. To determine what works best for our audience, we measure the reach and other performance metrics, enabling us to optimize further. Of course, I don't do this alone, but with a team."

Every day brings a new story and, therefore, a new challenge

Shari Pieneman

Content Manager , De Heus Global

A compelling story

Shari is involved in many creative processes and diverse projects. "The exciting part is that I interact with various departments. Although I don't have an agricultural background, I learn a lot about diverse markets and cultures. I contribute to translating certain challenges, especially in Sustainability, into stories and visuals. The topic of antibiotic reduction may be more advanced in one country where De Heus operates than in another. So, how can we learn from each other and share knowledge? The beauty of my role is that there's a compelling story in everything. I have a new story and a new challenge to immerse myself in every day." Does conveying the story always go smoothly? "Certainly not, but by trying new approaches, we continue to learn and make progress. That's what makes my job so enjoyable!"