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Sanna Jordens - Integrity & Compliance Manager

21 April 2021
2 minutes

Every country in which De Heus operates has its own cultural values. This produces complex and interesting issues. Which is exactly what Sanna enjoys. Sanna loves challenges and sees in everything a possibility to reflect on what can be improved. "I am fascinated by people's behaviour, why they do what they do and what drives them. Once you know what motivates someone, you know how best to approach them and what you need to do - if necessary - to change that behaviour."

Integrity & Compliance

"Integrity is about doing the right thing, even if others aren't looking. It's about behaving correctly as an organisation and as an employee. It's about the right behaviour in all the complex situations we find ourselves in. Compliance is primarily about rules. By enshrining everything in rules and describing what is or is not allowed, you minimise the risk of employees relying on their own compass. However, by thinking too much in terms of rules, you see people pushing the boundaries inside those rules. You then get the discussion: is this allowed or not? While what you should really be discussing is the principle, the conflict of interests, the dilemma. I believe that everyone has an internal compass and that you need to know how to use that compass at the right moments. The practice at De Heus is complex and there are grey areas where it is difficult to determine what the right decision is and how best to act. In such cases, it is important to always ask ourselves, how would I like to be treated and how can I best tackle this dilemma?"

Business principles

"De Heus operates in many different countries where we encounter cultural differences. In such cases, specific local guidelines are drawn up which are in line with our Business Principles. The starting point in these is that we are all responsible for promoting an open and honest corporate culture. De Heus encourages the discussion of dilemmas and sharing insights. Most importantly, everyone may express their opinion about anything that surprises them or any doubts they may have without any consequences. This ensures that we know what is going on in our organisation and we can all learn from it."

We do it together

"In my role, contact is really essential. I need to be able to look people in the eye, interact with them and I need space for a dialogue. That can be hard digitally. But we are working on that together. We want to move forward and not stand still. Together with colleagues, I elaborate what is required to rollout Compliance & Integrity worldwide in the best possible way."

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