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Paweł Maturski - senior cattle specialist

15 February 2021
2 minutes

Paweł graduated from zootechnical studies. He specialised in animal nutrition and dietetics at the University of Agriculture in Krakow. “I joined the De Heus team in 2014 and I am currently a senior cattle specialist. I advise on nutrition but I am also a member of the Polish robotic group. Their main task is to acquire and transfer knowledge about milking robots to the working group dealing with customised premixes for individual farms.”

Co-create innovative solutions

“My job requires constant contact with cattle breeders, to whom I provide extensive support in breeding. Every day I travel to improve the efficiency of milk and beef production, working with my clients on their farms. I provide nutritional solutions, adjust the products to the needs of the herd, analyse the costs of production and look for new production and environmental solutions that could help the breeder’s business development. If I cannot visit the farm in person, new technologies come to our aid. They enable us to continuously monitor the situation remotely and analyse reports on the herd’s results quickly and efficiently. A telephone call or internet chat with the breeder often turns into an open brainstorming session which results in common conclusions. Cooperation with the wider livestock industry not only gives me access to innovative solutions, but also the opportunity to co-create them.”

Biggest motivation and driving force

“I am proud of the farms which are able to grow after taking delivery of our products and implementing our nutritional and environmental solutions. Each modernisation, expansion or construction of a new facility, as well as stability in production, improvement of breeding results and overall breeder satisfaction, brings me a great sense of accomplishment and motivation for further actions. I am also proud of the products that I have created or initiated and which have been incorporated in our regular, nationwide range. Huge trust from my supervisors and great contact with product managers give me the freedom to create local products that over time gain the appreciation of breeders outside my original working area and reach a wider group of customers. That is my biggest motivation and my driving force.”

Primary passion

“I am a positive guy who thinks that problems exist to be solved. I always ask a lot of questions and look for the best ways to answer them. Being in touch with the breeders and working in the field gives me great fulfilment and satisfaction. I also like to analyse and calculate problems. My personal approach and strong sense of identification with my clients’ businesses always helps me find better solutions for the specific issue. However, animal breeding is not just my field of work, it’s my primary passion. Outside work, I am very interested in and passionate about fishing. As you can see, zoology and nature accompany me at every step in my life.”

Why De Heus?

“The reason why is because De Heus gives me opportunities to be in touch with and work with breeders who are true enthusiasts. It is a job full of challenges that requires constant deepening of your knowledge as well as creative and systematic action. There is no time or place for boredom here! De Heus essentially gives you endless possibilities for personal and professional growth. Although sales for each animal species are managed by different, specific departments with their own external groups, there are no borders or barriers in De Heus. Contact with colleagues from other groups and departments is an everyday reality and the exchange of market information and experiences is invaluable. Together, we are a great team that always works together.”

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Nicole Rouffaer

Group HR Business Partner