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Amro El Kady – Plant manager

01 December 2020
2 minutes

Amro works as a Plant Manager for Koudijs Kapo Feed in Egypt. Although his father was a mechanical engineer Amro has a thing for agriculture. When he was younger he already took care of the bit of land next to his house. Before Amro started at Koudijs, he had already worked in the livestock sector for 8 years . Amro has been part of the Koudijs team since its inception, which is now more than 18 years ago!

Since day one

When De Heus went looking for a place to start a factory in Egypt they came in touch with me. De Heus requested a tour at the company where I worked at the time. They wanted to know how people worked in Egypt”, says Amro. After the decision was made by De Heus to start a factory Amro was asked to run it and to start it from scratch. He said yes and the Koudijs adventure began  on the 15th of July 2002. 

Training in The Netherlands

In the 18 years with the Koudijs family, Amro has already gained quite a bit of knowledge. In the beginning he went to the Netherlands several times to visit factories and to take  knowledge from the Netherlands back to Egypt.  With all this knowledge and skills in hand, the first concentrate production started in March 2003. “The best thing about working at Koudijs is working in autonomy. There is not just a solution handed over. You are given the space to analyze a challenge yourself and come to a solution. It is not like ‘figure it out yourself’, but you will be given the space to realize your own plans. Sharing knowledge is of vital  importance  to  the entire Koudijs family as well as the De Heus family. Everyone is willing to help you further. I find this very educational”, says Amro.

Every day I make two laps through the factory, it is my favorite part of the day. I never know what's coming.

Amro El Kady

Plant manager, Egypte

Enjoyable challenges

Amro: “In my work as a plant manager I have challenges every day. How do I increase capacity, how do I keep costs low, how do I ensure that people grow along? But this is also what makes my job so enjoyable. Sure there is work to be done every day, but we are like a family, we do it together.  I think it is important that the people we hire grow with us. That's why I put a lot of time into making them family members of the Koudijs family.”

One day in the working life of Amro

“Every day is different. I work with machines and people. The most important thing is to listen. Listening to the machines, but also to the people who operate them, which  is needed to let the machines work as well as possible. I never know in advance what my day will bring. Every day I make two laps through the factory, it is my favorite part of the day. I never know what's coming.”

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