New dedicated production facility in for De Heus in Toledo, Brazil

23 August 2017
3 minutes

The opening of the new De Heus factory in Parana shakes up agriculture business! The unit, located in Toledo, is a factory dedicated - in the Dutch mold - and which already produces the line of Feed Premium Romelko, novelty in Brazil The openning of the new dedicated factory of De Heus, in Toledo changed the agribusiness in Paraná and brought together entrepreneurs, producers, cooperatives and authorities of the region, such as the mayor of the city, Lucio de Machi; the secretary of economic development, Paulo Almeida; former mayor Beto Lunitti. Also attended the event: Koen De Heus, global CEO of the company; and Ton van der Laan, member of the Grupo Royal De Heus Board; who came from the Netherlands to this important event.

According to Hermanus Wigman, the company's new manufacturing unit is strategic for the company's growth, because it brings a new paradigm regarding quality and health safety standards in pre-start feeds for piglets and poultry. "This is a technological evolution for animal nutrition, because it encompasses nutritional efficiency of the production systems, the health and welfare profile of the animals, the competitiveness of our customers and  the profitability of the productive chains of poultry and swine, "he said.

He pointed out that De Heus's dedicated factory has deployed an innovative and evolutionary technology for the production of pre-start feed, which is in perfect harmony with the growing demands of the 21st Century for productive excellence, high quality and healthy food. "Our intention is to stimulate the progress of the field by helping each farmer to make the most of his livestock," added Koen De Heus, the company's global CEO.

"This technology has  already been developed in Europe, according to the requirements of the European market for feed without antibiotics, which provides products with absolute health, aligned with the concepts of animal feed, with higher nutritional value and rational use of additives," said Wigman. 

The CEO of the company also pointed out that there was an investment of R$25 million - all of it from equity. "De Heus Industrial Unit in Toledo was designed with an unprecedented, high-standard production system with a capacity of up to 50,000 tons/year of piglet feed in two shifts. A volume with the potential to feed 8 and a half million piglets per year – equivalent to the average production of 280,000 sows. In it, we are already producing the new line of Premium feed for piglets - Romelko, which revolutionizes the concept of feeding before and after weaning, boosting the intestinal health of animals and their growth results, "he said.

Toledo was strategically chosen to be the new De Heus factory, since it is considered "the agribusiness capital of Paraná" - encouraged by the fertile and flat soil, where cooperatives and other diverse companies of the segment are concentrated. The region is one of the largest producers of grains in the interior of the state and has about one million swine in breeding. "For the community, the new factory only comes to add benefits, such as income, employment, foreign currency, and it will still qualify the production of the region," said the mayor of Toledo, Lucio de Machi. According to Paulo Victor Almeida, the secretary of economic development, the arrival of De Heus - which is established in more than 50 countries - brings global development and integration to the city of Parana.