Co de Heus informs president China and royal family

24 March 2014
3 minutes

Co de Heus informs Chinese President Xi Jinping, his wife and the King and Queen of The Netherlands on the cooperation with WELLHOPE and on the quality system of the Dutch animal feed industry, TRUST FEED. During the two-day state visit of the Chinese President Xi Jinping, Co de Heus, chief executive of De Heus Animal Nutrition, had the honour on Sunday 23 March to update the Chinese President and His Majesty King Willem Alexander and Queen Maxima, on TRUST FEED, the quality control system the Dutch feed industry has developed.

Co de Heus (first on the left) informs Chinese president (third on the left). Photo: ANP

The presentation occurred in the ‘Koetshuis’ (coach house) of Keukenhof Castle, and was part of a larger presentation of the Topsectors Agro&Food and Horticulture. The presentation of both leading sectors was focused mainly on emphasising the importance of a bilateral collaboration between China and the Netherlands.

The Topsector Agro&Food was introduced by the chairman of this Topsector, Mr Aalt Dijkhuizen, also Member of Supervisory Board of De Heus. Mr Dijkhuizen devoted specific attention to the strength of the Dutch Agro & Food sector. It is a strength which is determined mainly by the high productivity, efficiency, strong innovative abilities and low carbon footprint. Naturally there was also emphatic consideration of the fact that the Netherlands is a guiding country in terms of food & agri knowledge.

After the chairman’s introduction, Co de Heus took the floor. Proceeding from the assumption that a safe end-product starts with a safe beginning of the chain, Co de Heus highlighted the unique quality control system the Dutch animal feed sector has developed, called TRUST FEED. He indicated here that the strength of the system lies mainly in the collaboration between all feed manufacturers, large and small, who deliver directly to farmers.

The TRUST FEED organisation does three things: supplier evaluations, product evaluations and participants evaluations (so we evaluate each other). In the supplier evaluations is determined whether a supplier or a producer may supply a specific raw material. Without this approval, you cannot do business in the Netherlands. For product evaluations, risk inventory are carried out to determine how often the companies have to investigate certain raw materials for specific contamination. Any contamination is notified to TRUST FEED who then takes action towards the supplier. The participants evaluation are done to check whether the participants do indeed submit any deviations and whether every company has its tracking and tracing system in order.

Co de Heus emphasised that food safety is paramount and is therefore also more important than profit objectives. Given the societal importance, there is an enormous willingness to work together despite companies being each others’ competitors. Co de Heus also informed them about the successful cooperation with WELLHOPE.

After Co de Heus, Cees ‘t Hart from Friesland Campina informed them about the Dutch dairy industry.

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