OmniGen for optimal resistance

09 July 2018
7 minutes

De Heus is the exclusive supplier of the OmniGen. OmniGen supports the resistance in cows in a natural way and can result in a lower cell count, more milk and better fertility. Three dairy farmers that use OmniGen share their experiences. A well-functioning immune system forms the basis for a cow to perform well. OmniGen is a resistance-enhancing product exclusively available from De Heus.

OmniGen supports the resistance of a cow in a natural way.

A cow's immune system is regularly under fire by a host of organisms, including bacteria and viruses. In addition, stress has a negative effect on the operation of the immune system. Changes in the daily rhythm of a cow cause the cow to be under stress, which produces the stress hormone cortisol. This hormone suppresses the operation of the immune system.

OmniGen stimulates the cow's natural immune system enabling it to better detect pathogens thus improving the ability of white blood cells to kill them. OmniGen does this under all conditions, including stress!

To achieve good results with OmniGen, nutrition must be in good order and infectious diseases must be under control. In addition, it is important for every cow to receive 55 grams per day during the lactation period, as well as in the dry phase.

The family Olieman in Almere in the Netherlands, milks some 120 cows year-round. The goal in recent years was to optimise the farm. "Our motto is that it is always possible to improve," says Coen Olieman.

Coen: "Production has increased by about 4 kg per cow per day and the cows are healthy"

"In 2015, the action of OmniGen was explained at one time during a study club meeting in the neighbourhood. Several users spoke about their experiences, generating much enthusiasm among dairy farmers. We really wanted things to go easier on our farm and for the cows to have greater resistance. This is why, in October 2015, we decided to start administering OmniGen available from De Heus Voeders. At that time, we also started administering De Heus feeds and installed new troughs in the stable. The dairy cows receive OmniGen in their basic ration and the dry-phase cows receive it as part of their minerals."

Now, a year later, Coen and Wendy look back on this period. Coen: "Everything is going as we would like it to be. Production has increased by about 4 kg per cow per day and the cows are healthy. The veterinarian's bill dropped by more than half in the first six months. That tells us everything we need to know. We will continue to administer OmniGen."

OmniGen contributes to top production

Erik and Linda Kromhout milk over 100 Frisian cows in Biddinghuizen in the Netherlands. The cows on average produce approximately 11,000 kg milk per year. They are only able to achieve this production when the cows have optimal resistance. It is a top-class venture!

About three years ago, OmniGen was used for the first time on the farm. The reason for using it at the time was the fact that things simply were not running smoothly. Erik: "We had some cows with a touch of flue who had difficulty producing the expected litres of milk. In addition, BVD and mycoplasma were prevalent among the cows. We wanted to increase the overall resistance among the cows. OmniGen in particular helped to ensure that the healthy cows continued to be productive."

After this things went well for a period of time and they decided stop using OmniGen. Until, in 2015, the dairy farmers once again could not ignore the facts. Erik: "Our animal day dosage was too high, which was primarily caused by having too many cows that needed to be treated for clinical mastitis."


Erik: "Since that time the number of cases of clinical mastitis has dropped considerably"

"At that point, Gerard Polinder, our specialist at De Heus, once again drew our attention to OmniGen. We started re-administering OmniGen and since that time the number of cases of clinical mastitis has dropped considerably. Something else we have noticed is that when a cow has clots or flakes in its milk, the animal generally recovers by itself. The cows' resistance is simply higher in comparison to the period prior to the administration of OmniGen.

"We administer it to the dairy cows via the pellets in the milking parlour. We give them half a kilo for each milking. A total of 1 kg per day in other words. The dry cows receive it via the mineral mixture included in the basic ration. This way of administering it works fine for us. It does not require any additional work on our part," says Erik.


Peter and Astrid van der Linde are farmers in Teuge in the Netherlands and keep about 85 dairy cows and associated young livestock. Ever since De Heus Voeders introduced OmniGen, they have been enthusiastic users of the product.


Peter: "Our specialist at the time introduced us to the OmniGen product in 2012. This is when De Heus introduced the product in the Netherlands. At that time we had a high incidence of mastitis among milk-producing cows. We had no explanation for this and did everything we could to prevent it."

Peter: "The cows' resistance is high and this amply pays for itself!"

"Ever since we started administering OmniGen, mastitis has been a rare occurrence. Our milkings today constantly have a cell count of well under 100. And in the lowest 90% of the cows it is around 50. The use of OmniGen has a tremendously positive effect on our cows. Of course, we encounter problems here from time to time as well, but what is striking is that the cows recover quickly after a disorder. The cows' resistance is high and this amply pays for itself!"

If you are interested in finding out what OmniGen can do for your cows, do not hesitate to contact our specialists near you.