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Serving all your nutritional farm needs

De Heus Animal Nutrition develops and supplies tailor made nutritional solutions which are fully in line with the desires and demands of our customers.

To ensure that you get the best possible nutritional solution for your specific situation we incorporate all local aspects, individual business aspects and regulations in our recommendations and solutions. Whether you are a farmer, home-mixer or integrator and no matter what kind of nutritional product you need. Beside, we offer solutions independently of the size of your company or what country or animal sector you operate in.

With our nutritional feed solutions you don’t have to make any concession to the welfare of your animals

Your Benefit from our unique approach

Your benefits start with our knowledge of all raw materials required for responsible and high-quality nutritional solutions. Besides, we are in close contact with our customers every day. We know how to use our specific feeds, premixes and services. We also have extensive experience in implementing and managing all production processes. Because we produce our own feeds, premixes and other nutritional components in our own plants worldwide. Complemented by all the insights of our own R&D departments and scientific partners this knowledge leads to maximum flexibility in serving a great variety of customers. Our high logistic standards enable us to reach you in no time, wherever you are.

With our tailored nutritional solutions we realize the highest possible conversion of feed into animal proteins. Naturally without making any concessions to the welfare of your animals. And always based on your local and specific business situation.

Want to know more about this unique approach? See beneath what our benefits can offer you.

Serving all your nutritional farm needs


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