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Meet our new state-of-the-art production plants

Mid 2015 we extended our production capacity in premixes with two new state-of-the-art plants in The Netherlands and Poland. Enabling us to offer our worldwide customers even better products and services in this specific segment.

We may confidently say that all our – existing and new – premix plants are state-of-the-art: based on our premix experience during many years in Russia and Brazil and designed to all up-to-the standards and with a maximum of flexibility. So we can serve your individual nutritional needs up to the most specific production batches. We know the requirements we have to meet and apply strict quality and selection criteria for this purpose. The guiding principle in this respect is our on-the-farm knowledge, complemented with our feed chain-wide orientation.
Curious? Have a quick look at our newest premix plants. Or listen to the enthousiastic words of our local plant manager.

Our brand new premix plants guarantee the best possible quality, safety, flexibility and availability for your products. All over the world.