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Each and every customer their own premixes

Our high-quality premixes are relevant for each kind of business, whether you are an individual farmer, producer of feed or (part of) an integration.

For individual farmers our premixes signify a valuable expansion of our complete feed, compound feed and concentrates. In combination with your own feeds and ingredients, we can help you compose your perfect feed mix with the aid of our flexible recipes even better. Fully tailored to your wishes and the specific needs of your animals, all based on our profound on-the-farm knowledge.

Our global presence and network enables us to reach you in no time. No matter where you are or which business you are in.

For integrators and home-mixers our premixes are an excellent supplement to their own production. Our feed chain-wide orientation ensures that we are the perfect partner for you. With advice and ideas on feed processing and feed management that really helps you forward.

Tailored solutions for every customer

We serve you with our premixes regardless of the sector you are in. Whether you are in Poultry (layers and broilers), Cattle (dairy and beef), Pigs or other livestock, in each sector we are the right business partner for you. And no matter the size of your company or the country your business is in. All guaranteed by the maximum flexibility of all our plants. And with our high-end logistics as an indispensable link in all our services. We know how to serve you, whoever or wherever you are!