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07-09-2017 - At many farms, when suddenly health problems occur, the pig farmer and the veterinarian look for solutions without having access to the results of any analyses. Analyses generally takes too long and pig farmers often consider them too expensive because they yield little result. The...

07-09-2017 - The piglet weaning period implies a change in environment and nutrition, and results in reduced intestinal function. This article describes the potential negative implications and what can be done about them through means of nutrition.

04-09-2017 - The motto of the De Heus' sows and piglet experts is 'those who cannot share cannot multiply'. This is why we included this article about our experience during the study trip to Denmark.

04-09-2017 - The influx of Danish genetics into the Netherlands has continuously increased in recent years. This is motivated by the growing demand of foreign piglet buyers. On the basis of the knowledge and experience it has acquired, De Heus is providing recommendations designed to improve the...

04-09-2017 - Fertile sows are the basis for a healthy sow farm. Fertility can be effectively managed by using De Heus' Premium Pig Feed for sows. Premium Pig feed is produced using clean grains (thus fewer mycotoxins) and reduces the occurrence of vague health issues and provides a predictable...

04-09-2017 - Since more and more sows are kept in group accommodations, hoof lesions in sows  are more common than before. Reason for us to devote extra attention to this problem.

04-09-2017 - Problems in the start-up of milk production after farrowing is a familiar problem in Pig farming. How do we track down the cause of this problem?

04-09-2017 - Due to improved sow genetics the number of piglets per litter has been going up for years. For pig farmers it is quite a challenge to raise all of these piglets in good health. A larger number of piglets per litter means a decline in birth weights. This makes feed supplementation...

21-08-2017 - Often everything looks good on the first day after farrowing. But on the second or third day suddenly there are piglets in the farrowing room that have collapsed. The first thing that comes to mind is that the sow has too little milk. But a more careful look shows small spots of...

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