Day 6

Learning more about our digital conversation

Petra Spruitenburg

Chairwoman of the Day

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Learning more about the building blocks of our digital conversation

Now that we know more about our digital engagement strategy and have learned how to attract relevant traffic to our website it is time for the next step. What do we want people do find and do on our Digital platform?  How can we increase engagement and how can we convert them to become a known audience and as a result make their journey more personal? These questions will play a central part in today’s sessions. 

Sequel: How to attract relevant visitors on digital channels

During this session we will not only exchange learnings and insights you've gained during one of your assignments, but we will also take a deep dive in further possibilities to attract relevant visitors.

Deep dive into DXP

Learn more about the evolution of a content management system to a digital experience platform. The expectations of customers are reaching new levels, they have new priorities, and they want a perfect experience. You could say that creating the perfect experience is the number one priority. In this session we will tell you all about our new DXP platform which can help you deliver the best personal customer experience possible.

Learn from the experts: How to create a new website smoothly

We are in the middle of our global re-platforming project, moving to our new DXP platform and look to make every launch a little bit smoother. Listen carefully to this front running country who has already made the move to the new platform.

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