Programme overview

Connect - Collaborate - Communicate


Marketing Exchange Live is set-up to ensure we touch base and learn about key subjects that help us reach our goals and continuously builds our value proposition and enhances the customer experience.  The programme is delivered through 8 sessions of 3 hours where all of us can join in person from their respective locations.  

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March 31: Building our Global Strategy and our brands

Chairman of the Day: Joost Belt

  • Opening of Marketing Exchange Live
  • Understand our global strategy- round table interview with our CEO
  • Branding at De Heus
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April 7: Understanding the Customer Journey across BU’s

Chairwoman of the day: Lis de Groot

  • Share the main challenges and opportunities across the globe
  • Work together on these challenges and opportunities
  • Workshop: Map our customers journey
  • Segment our customers
Detailed programme

April 14: Creating and launching great solutions in your market

Chairwoman of the day: Eline Vervoorn  

  • Define the right value adding projects
  • Develop and implement a (new) product, service or concept
  • Optimal launch of a new concept, service or product
Detailed programme

April 21: Bringing value through Responsible feeding and matching content

Chairman of the Day: Michiel Peters

  • Strengthen our value proposition through responsible feeding
  • Develop strong content plans
  • Improve our customers journey
Detailed programme

April 28: Lifting our digital conversations to the next level

Chairman of the Day: Martijn Pater

  • Learn about strategy & trends to improve the digital conversation
  • How to attract relevant visitors on digital channels
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May 19: Learning more about the building blocks of our digital conversation

Chairwoman of the Day: Petra Spruitenburg

  • Sequel: How to attract relevant visitors on digital channels
  • Deep dive into DXP
  • Learn all about the process of launching a new website
Detailed programme

May 26: Turning customer data into valuable insights for your sales teams

Chainman of the Day: Martijn Visscher

  • Transform your marketing data into leads and opportunities for your sales teams
  • Feed intake analysis, practical example on how you can use customer data to help your sales teams to add more value to their customers
Detailed programme

June 2: Strengthening our community; Share what you learned.

Chairman of the Day: Joost Belt

  • Workgroups present outcomes
  • De Heus inside
  • Actions and closing
Detailed programme

I look forward to meet you all at Marketing Exchange Live! To share experiences, to inspire each other for taking the next step in increasing your customer (lifetime)value.

Joost Belt

Group Director Marketing & Communication