Shocked and saddened by the war in Ukraine

02 March 2022

We are shocked and saddened by the war in Ukraine. We sincerely hope the military aggression will be stopped by the efforts of the international community to de-escalate this conflict and that their work towards a diplomatic solution will soon be successful

Our thoughts are first and foremost with our colleagues in Ukraine, their families, and the people of Ukraine. The wellbeing of our colleagues and their families is our first concern, and we will continue to help to ensure their safety. Thanks to the warmth and hospitality of our colleagues in Poland and Slovakia, the families of several Ukrainian colleagues seeking shelter have already been provided accommodation by Polish and Slovakian families.

We are moved by and fully support the initiative taken by our employees in many countries to collect monetary contributions, food, medical supplies and other necessary goods for the people of Ukraine.


De Heus Animal Nutrition has been active in Russia since 1994. In response to the war in Ukraine, we have decided to stop further investments, no longer provide working capital, and cease all further support aimed at the development of our Russian entity.

Given the role of these activities in the local food supply systems, our local entity will continue to provide local farmers with feed products, allowing them to care for their animals.