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Under the name Koudijs, De Heus exports complete and supplemental feeds, concentrates and premixes worldwide. With our solutions we support farmers in almost all countries in Africa, Eastern Europe, Middle East, Asia and a lot of countries in West and South Europe and in South America. In total Koudijs is exporting to more than 70 countries arount the globe. For example of: France, Denmark, Italy, Hungary, Latvia, Greece, Jordan, Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Sudan, Ghana, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Uganda, Nigeria, Ukraine, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Chile, Romania, Croatia, Bosnia, Slovakia and Serbia.

To strengthen the market postition in West-Afrika, Koudijs started the development of a plant in Ghana in 2019.


Agra-Matic is a full-service consultancy firm with expertise in the field of animal husbandry, stable technology, business economics, environment, construction and planning. Agra-Matic specialises in issues relating to business development. Agra-Matic is represented in the Netherlands and in Poland. Agra-Matic is a subsidiary of De Heus Animal Nutrition and operates as an objective and independent company.

Besides these subsidairies we have local sales and production sites in various countries and have several joint ventures in other parts of the world.