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International professionalisation of local livestock farms

International professionalisation of local livestock farms

As an internationally oriented animal feed supplier, we consider it our duty to promote professionalisation of local livestock farming. And we do not limit ourselves to the optimisation of efficient conversion of vegetable proteins into animal proteins, we also make use of local raw materials, and help to improve both the quality and the food safety of the produced food products. In addition, we are actively involved in the reinforcement of independent entrepreneurship within the livestock industry. We are committed to actively contributing to a better social position of local livestock farmers. For example, we contribute to:

Knowledge enhancement by means of seminars and training courses

For the further professionalisation of local livestock farmers in all countries in which we operate, we organise knowledge seminars and training courses for our customers. These concern the application of animal feed, livestock farming, and stable management. During the past year, the seminars and training courses we organised in South-East Asia (with the focus on Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar) and in many African countries have been attended by several thousands of livestock farmers. In addition, the knowledge of our specialists all over the world is continuously enhanced through our Feed Academy. This Feed Academy is a digital learning environment (in combination with practical workshops in stables) that allows specialists to log in on a 24/7 basis. This way, we guarantee their continued contribution to the further professionalisation of livestock farms.

Supporting the independent entrepreneurship of poultry farmers in Vietnam

To ensure a healthy operation, Vietnamese poultry farmers depend greatly on a constant supply of high-quality day-old chicks. That is why we have set up our own hatchery, together with the Belgian company Belgabroed. It comprises multiple breeder farms. These allow us to ensure a constant supply of sufficient day-old chicks to our Vietnamese customers. Thanks to this set-up, they are able to structurally improve their operations, while substantially safeguarding their own continuity.

Making roughage available to dairy farmers in Vietnam

Dairy cows need roughage to ensure their daily nutrient consumption. In the Mekong Delta, land for the growing of roughage is scarce. As a result, many dairy farmers have trouble feeding their cattle sufficient roughage, resulting in failing health of the cows and reduced milk production. To give dairy farmers in the Mekong Delta access to roughage, De Heus is co-financing a roughage project. The objective of this project is to ensure a central position for the available roughage products. The roughage is preserved and subsequently mixed with the De Heus feed concentrates. The product thus created can simply be ordered from De Heus. It not only enhances the cow’s health, but will also stimulate her milk production.

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