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Corporate Social Responsibility

For its food supply, the world largely relies on agriculture and livestock farming. When responding adequately to the rapidly rising demand for food, sustainable development is necessary. Using natural resources as efficiently as possible, production should be optimised and made accessible in a responsible manner. De Heus feels a responsibility to take up a specific role in this process, by literally taking our responsibility in the place in the food chain where we can make the difference. This is called corporate social responsibility.

Responsible Feeding: A long-term programme

Based on our corporate social responsibility, De Heus has developed the Responsible Feeding programme. It is a long-term programme that allows us to create sustainable value throughout the food chain and support livestock farmers with our animal feeds and nutritional knowledge. Day in, day out, we are working on the continued optimisation of feed conversion: turning vegetable raw materials into animal proteins as efficiently as possible. In addition, we continuously and freely share our nutritional knowledge in all countries in which we operate. This way, we also support local livestock farmers in their continued professionalisation and progress.

We take our social responsibility

Our ambition matches the spirit of our times. But mere ambition is not enough. It has to be firmly anchored in all our activities involving social entrepreneurship. At De Heus, we have one major advantage over the competition: as a family business, we determine our own company strategy. We deliberately choose for the sustainable production of high-quality animal feeds, because we feel that not only the animals, but also man and the environment will benefit from this in the end. Like no other, we are able to fulfil this promise: we use our own capital and apply our own energy and do not depend on - often unknown - shareholders.

De Heus’ five principal ingredients of responsible feeding 5 areas of attention regarding responsible feeding

Within our Responsible Feeding programme, we have identified 5 areas of attention. We call these our ‘5 principal ingredients of Responsible Feeding’. We are continuously developing their content, making adjustments to meet the latest requirements and insights. Still, the following ingredients will always determine the way we think and operate.

Click one of our principle to for practical and concrete examples of our programme’s activities.

1 Allow healthy animals to produce optimally 2 Purchasing with a focus on sustainability 3 Environment- friendly production and logistics 4 Valuable contribution to society 5 Committed and driven employees

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